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Privacy, Cookies and terms-of-use

Protecting your personal information is extremely important to us at Insurance For Ltd. It’s especially important for a financial administrator like ours, as our customers trust us to look after their personal information.

The way we collect, use, store and share your information is equally important. Our customers expect us to manage their information privately and securely.

This policy tells you how we collect and process your personal information. Please take a few minutes to read it, and show it to anyone else connected to your product or whose data you have shared with us. This policy may be subject to future change.

What does this policy cover?

This privacy policy relates to customers who obtain quotes, purchase our products or enter into agreements with us, and individuals that we cover under employer sponsored schemes.

What is personal information?

When we talk about personal information we mean information about an individual that can identify them, like their name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and other details. It can relate to customers (including prospective customers), their appointed representatives (e.g. powers of attorney), employees, shareholders, business contacts and suppliers. Any reference to “information” or “data” in this policy is a reference to personal information about a living individual.

What information do we hold?

We may collect and process the following personal information about you:

Type of data Description Examples of how we use it
Contact ·       Who you are

·       Where you live (including previous addresses)

·       How to contact you

·       Third party contacts (e.g. family members or friends)

·       Servicing your product

·       Marketing

·       Analysis & profiling

·       Enhancing our product and service offering

·       Product underwriting and pricing

Personal Details ·       Age

·       Gender

·       Health details

·       Employment Details

·       Marketing

·       Analysis & profiling

·       Product underwriting and pricing

Transactional ·       Bank and/or card details

·       How you use your product

·       Changes you make to your product or account

·       Servicing your product

·       Making sure our products and services are fit for purpose

Consent & preferences ·       Ways you want us to market to you

·       To obtain information from third parties on your behalf

·       Marketing
Documentary data & national identifiers ·       Details about you that are stored in documents like:

·       Your passport

·       Drivers licence

·       Birth certificate

·       National Insurance number

·       Identification and verification

·       Prevent financial crimes

Where do we get our information from?

  • Directly from you – information you provide when you fill in forms.  We may record phone calls for our mutual protection and to improve our customer service standards.
  • Information we collect about you or receive from other sources. This could be information you provide to us electronically (through our website or an online portal, for example).


  • How do we use your information?

We use personal information that we hold about you:

  • To carry out our responsibilities resulting from any agreements you’ve entered into with us (e.g. to, underwrite and administer your product, including processing claims) and to provide you with the information, products and services that you’ve asked from us (e.g. quotes and policies).
  • To provide you with marketing information about services and products we offer across the Insurance for Ltd group which may be of interest to you.  We will not sell your data to third parties for them to market to you.
  • To tell you about changes to our services and products.
  • To comply with any applicable legal or regulatory requirements (including “know your customer” checks, or to comply with any applicable regulatory reporting or disclosure requirements).
  • For carrying out market research, statistical analysis and customer profiling to help us to improve our processes, products and services and generate new business (e.g. to understand digital behaviours, identify financial attitudes and develop more engaging communications).
  • To define our actuarial, pricing and underwriting strategies.
  • To run our business in an efficient and proper way. This includes testing our systems, managing our financial position, business capability, planning, communications, corporate governance, and audit.
  • For any other purpose that we’ve agreed with you from time to time.

When you apply for a product or to receive a service from us, the application form you fill out or the resulting contract may contain additional conditions relating to the way we use and process your personal information. These will apply in addition to the uses described in this document.

In some cases, we may use software or systems to make automated decisions (including profiling) based on the personal information we have, or collect from others. These may include:

    • The prevention and detection of fraud and financial crime
      To perform transaction monitoring, identity verification, money laundering and sanctions checks, and to identify politically exposed individuals. We may be required by law to perform these activities which may be achieved using solely automated means to make decisions about you. We may use these activities to decline the services you have requested or to stop providing existing services to you.
    • Providing quotes, calculating premiums and underwriting decisions
      We may assess a number of factors including information about you such as your location occupation and hazardous pursuits that you perform. These factors will be assessed against our pricing and underwriting criteria which may include statistics regarding life expectancy, illness, injury and demographic risks.
    • For insurance the factors may include your claims history, where you live. We may use these activities to determine the price of your product and whether we should undertake the risk of insuring you – including how much insurance should be granted to you, how much you should pay for it and whether or not to insure you in the first place.

Using your information in accordance with data protection laws

Data protection laws require us to meet certain conditions before we’re allowed to use your personal information in the way we describe in this privacy policy. We take these responsibilities extremely seriously. To use your personal information, we’ll rely on the following conditions, depending on the activities we’re carrying out: