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Daily insurance for your locally employed people including, journalists, local producers, location staff, photographers, sound technicians, uplink engineers, drivers, drivers, translators, fixers & stringers anywhere in the world.

Why do so many organisations insure their locally employed people through us?

  • Fulfilling a Duty-of-Care to their employee(s)
  • Providing financial security for their families
  • Preferred employer attracting the best people
  • Better employee retention rates
  • Same emergency assistance partner and insurer as our Insurance For Journalists scheme.

Who do we insure?

Our policies are designed to insure anybody a media organisation hires anywhere in the world including in their own country.

Who do we work with?

We work in association with ACOS Alliance, leading News Agencies and Press Associations to ensure our policies are appropriate and affordable. We’re also proud to work with paydesk, the leading global payment platform for media professionals – they include insurance with every job booked. Users can search, find and book the perfect freelance worker and know they are insured

Who is the insurance company?

Insurance for Local Media is part of the Insurance For Journalists group who are the administrators of this scheme which is insured by Atlas Life Insurance (PCC) Ltd. Atlas Life Insurance (PCC) Ltd are licenced and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority.

Atlas Life Insurance (PCC) Ltd reinsure 100% of the risk for this scheme through Beazley, a member of the Lloyds of London.

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Once approved you will be able to insure your locally employed people by the day from just $8.25
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