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Register as a Local Media Organisation to access our $7.50 daily insurance rate for your locally employed people

We provide daily insurance for employees of registered media groups and organisations, anywhere in the world.

For just $7.50 a day you can insure your local employees including producers, location staff, photographers, sound engineers, drivers, translators, fixers stringers and other members of the media ANYWHERE in the world,

Insurance is available to pre-registered professional media organisations. Our insurance covers accidental death and disablement plus emergency accident medical expenses including medical evacuation from the point of an incident to a care facility up to $100,000. To register please go to our ‘Register Now!’ page.

How to register as a Local Media Organisation.

Simply click on the ‘Register Now!’ page and complete the application process

Once you are accepted we’ll email you with details of how you can insure your local media employees wherever they are working for you.

Payment is made by single monthly card payment.

Our simple terms and conditions

By completing this form you are applying to Insurance For Local Media for insurance for the local people you are employing for a daily charge of $7.50 per day for $100,000 cover.

The cover is in two sections, section one covers accidental death,  section two covers accident medical expenses and disablement plus emergency medical  evacuation to a care facility and repatriation home when necessary*. The maximum sum insured per section is $100,000.
Claims will be submitted to and handled by our claims partners, their details will be provided after successful registration and is available on our website.

All decisions regarding claims are the sole responsibility of the claims partner. Upon acceptance of your registration you will be able to insure your employees on a daily basis.

You, as an approved organisation, will be supplied with policy documents, copies of this should be made available to all insured employees

At the end of the month in which you have bought cover, we will ask you for the details of the people you have insured, we will then email you a statement showing the people you have insured along with a ‘click to pay’ link for the sum due for payment by debit/credit card.

Policies once bought cannot be cancelled and no refund of premiums will be made.

*Accident medical claims are subject to a $250 deductible for every claim

Please confirm your acceptance of these terms and complete the short Local Media Organisation form below

Please accept the terms and conditions to proceed.

 If you have a question or need help please e-mail: [email protected]